A look from beneath the lashes of a lover’s bottomless eyes is the essence of human connection.
It is the moment of a sublime opening gambit to the dance of attraction. The knowledge that this dance will evolve, experience majestic highs and overwhelming lows, adds to the overall excitement of the initial connection.

The mental image of the look haunts every word, action and thought throughout the dance because it is that look that makes the consummation both desired and possible.

I’ve seen that look in different eyes and at different times and always feel that each time it’s the real look, far more so than the combination of all the previous ones and then I realise that it’s not what I see within those eyes but the reflection of the evolving me, who is gaining the depth of knowledge with every day and every experience.

I’m both humbled and elated by this realisation because it means that I can now return that look to the one that both deserves and desires it.

Original content from Mark Baranov about his thoughts, feelings and stories I want to share. It’s not enough to experience, that experience must be shared.#markbaranov

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