In a land of long ago, where history was made,

A story of destruction and hope shall be relayed. Tisha B’Av,

a day of sadness and loss,

But through the ashes, a promise arose like a gloss.

The reason for this sorrow, a tale to unfold,

Began with the Jewish people, in the desert of old.

They cried without cause, doubting their fate,

And so, God decreed this day would hold weight.

“You weep now for nothing, but in time, you’ll see,

This day shall be marked by sorrow and misery.”

And so, the temples were destroyed, one by one,

A lesson in faith, as the tears had begun.

Yet, amidst the heartache, a prophecy foretold,

The birth of Moshiach, a leader so bold.

A new light to guide us, a shepherd so wise,

To bring peace and redemption, and uplift our skies.

Ezekiel, a prophet, divinely inspired,

Shared a vision of hope, when all seemed so dire.

He spoke of a temple, rebuilt anew,

A vision of splendor, where faith would shine through.

In a heavenly chariot with wheels all around,

Ezekiel saw creatures with faces profound.

The faces of ox, lion, eagle, and man,

Each symbolizing a divine, cosmic plan.

The temple he saw, in his vision so grand,

Would rise from the ruins and bring light to the land.

With intricate detail, he painted the scene,

A message of hope, a heavenly dream.

Though Tisha B’Av brought pain and despair,

The people found solace in the promises rare.

For with every dark moment, there’s a glimmer of light,

A promise of Moshiach, shining so bright.

In time, the people would gather their might,

To rebuild and restore, in the face of their plight.

The memory of the temples, eternally enshrined,

In hearts and minds, forever entwined.

Now, every year on this solemn day,

Ezekiel’s vision and Moshiach’s promise guide our way.

Through faith and remembrance, we’ll honor the past,

And strive for a future where peace will hold fast.

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