Long, long ago, in a vast desert land,

The children of Israel fled Pharaoh’s command.

With faith as their guide, they set out wide-eyed,

To the Promised Land, where they’d soon reside.

The festival of Shavuot celebrates the day,

God gave them the Torah, at Sinai they’d stay.

A sacred mountain where God’s voice rang clear,

Revealing the commandments, for all to hold dear.

Mountains around Sinai boasted and vied,

Claiming they were worthy, with mountainside pride.

But humble Mount Sinai, so modest and small,

Stayed quiet and gentle, not seeking fame at all.

God saw its humility, and thus it was blessed,

Chosen as the place, where the Torah would rest.

For it’s not the size, but the heart that stands tall,

Humility and grace, the greatest virtues of all.

Three million strong, they stood at Sinai’s base,

Waiting for the moment, their future to embrace.

United as one, their hearts open and free,

Ready for the wisdom, a divine decree.

The Israelites said, “We will do, then we’ll hear,”

A pledge of faith, their devotion sincere.

They trusted God’s wisdom, without needing to think,

For they knew in their hearts, they’d never sink.

Moses ascended, their leader so wise,

To meet with God and receive the grand prize.

With bated breath, they all waited below,

For God to speak the words they would know.

God spoke the first two commandments aloud,

To three million people, a wondrous crowd.

They heard lightning and saw thunder, an incredible sight,

Yet the awesomeness was too much, they trembled with fright.

In the desert they wandered, with God by their side,

He gave them manna, their hunger to bide.

He quenched their thirst, with water from a well,

Showing His love, with each miracle’s swell.

Shavuot arrives now, a moment to cherish,

The giving of the Torah, its wisdom won’t perish.

A time to remember our bond with the Lord,

And the divine guidance, forever explored.

In rhymes and verses, we joyfully share,

The story of Shavuot, a tale we declare.

With thankful hearts, we dance and we sing,

For the wisdom and guidance, the Torah does bring.

Just like a cheesecake that’s quite yum,

Shavuot’s a holiday that’s second to none.

As we giggle and laugh, our spirits take flight,

Celebrating God’s gift, by day and all through the night.

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