Once upon a time, in a land by the Nile,

A grumpy Pharaoh ruled, never cracking a smile.

The children of Israel worked, feeling quite blue,

But they hoped that one day, they’d break free and start new.

God heard their prayers and sent Moshe their way,

To free them from Pharaoh, and bring a brighter day.

“Hey, Pharaoh, let my people go!” Moshe cried,

But Pharaoh just scoffed, his heart petrified.

God told Pharaoh, “If you don’t set them free,

I’ll send ten plagues, just wait and you’ll see!”

But Pharaoh just laughed, with a snort and a sneer,

He didn’t believe that God was near.

Plagues came to Egypt, causing quite a scene,

From rivers of blood to frogs jumping so keen.

Frogs hopped all around, even on Pharaoh’s crown,

Causing mischief and laughs as they bounced all around.

Lice and flies buzzed, people swatted with might,

Gnats and insects zipped, causing quite a fright.

The people’s animals got sick, which wasn’t very nice,

Yet Pharaoh stayed stubborn, like a heart made of ice.

Boils came next, making people feel sore,

But Pharaoh’s stubbornness grew even more.

Hail fell from the sky, and locusts did munch,

Darkness crept in, so thick they could crunch.

The people of Egypt felt scared and small,

But Pharaoh’s heart still stood like a wall.

He couldn’t see past his own power and size,

And wouldn’t give in, no matter the cries.

The firstborn then perished, the saddest of all,

Pharaoh’s own child was part of the fall.

His heart finally broke, and he set them all free,

But deep down inside, he still felt quite angry.

The children of Israel, now free as can be,

Packed up their things and set off with glee.

Their journey began, an adventure so bright,

A tale of freedom, filled with God’s light.

Pharaoh changed his mind, and gave them a chase,

With soldiers and chariots, at a furious pace.

But God was their guide, and showed them the way,

To the Red Sea they went, with no time to delay.

God split the sea, twelve tunnels so grand,

Each tribe crossed over, on their very own land.

The children of Israel crossed, as the waters did shine,

With God’s love and protection, they’d be just fine.

Pharaoh’s army tried to follow, but the sea closed in tight,

No more could they chase, they’d lost the fight.

The children of Israel sang, praising God’s name,

For He’d saved them from Pharaoh, and his terrible claim.

For forty long years, they wandered far and wide,

With God’s guidance and care, they had no need to hide.

He gave them sweet manna and quail from the sky,

A reminder of His love, always close by.

With God’s protection, they traveled and thrived,

Through deserts and mountains, their spirits revived.

Led by a cloud in the day, and a fire at night,

Their journey continued, with God as their light.

Their elders told stories, the lessons they’d learned,

And passed on the torch, as the desert sands turned.

God gave them commandments, to show them the way,

To lead them through life and help them each day.

One day they saw it, the Promised Land in sight,

A land of milk and honey, and skies clear as light.

A place where their story would forever be spun,

A home where they could live, laugh, and have fun.

With gratitude and love, they thanked God above,

For guiding them through tough times, with His endless love.

Their journey complete, they stood hand in hand,

Ready to build a new life, in their long-promised land.

So, when you hear the tale of their big, brave quest,

Remember the faith that helped them pass the test.

Through trials and troubles, they held on to their belief,

And in the end, they found happiness and relief.

Let their story inspire, and let their strength be your guide,

For when we trust in God, He’s always by our side.

No matter the challenges we may face every day,

With faith and with courage, we’ll find the way.

The great escape from Egypt, a story so old,

A tale of bravery, of hearts strong and bold.

A testament to God’s love, His care, and His might,

A beacon of hope, in the darkest of nights.

And whenever you’re feeling a little bit down,

Remember those frogs, hopping all over town.

Their journey was tough, but they never lost cheer,

For with faith and with humor, there’s nothing to fear.

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