In the ancient days, in the land of Israel,

Where rabbis and sages, with wisdom, did dwell,

There lived a great teacher, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai,

Whose faith and devotion reached up to the sky.

He had to flee from the Romans, so he hid away,

With his son in a cave, for twelve years they’d stay.

A carob tree grew, and a stream flowed nearby,

They ate and they learned, as time passed them by.

On the 18th of Iyar, a day filled with cheer,

Lag B’Omer emerged, a time we hold dear.

The Omer, a count from Passover to Shavuot,

Lasts seven weeks, each day brings a new thought.

Two events we remember, as the day does unfold,

A tale of respect, and a story of old.

Rabbi Akiva’s students, twenty-four thousand lives,

Fell to a plague, like bees from their hives.

The reason for their downfall, we now understand,

Was the lack of respect they had for their fellow man.

But on Lag B’Omer, the plague went away,

A day of remembrance, for us all today.

This special day also marks when Rabbi Shimon passed,

His wisdom everlasting, his teachings steadfast.

Before he left us, he spoke with a grin,

“Let’s celebrate this day, filled with joy to the brim.”

The Zohar was revealed, the Kabbalah’s bright light,

A beacon of wisdom, through the darkest of nights.

The bonfires were lit, as the sun dipped below,

A symbol of unity, their flames seemed to show.

Children played with their bows, in the fields so grand,

The joy of Lag B’Omer, in their hearts, did expand.

The people remembered, the greatness of the sage,

Whose teachings and wisdom, still guide us this age.

So gather together, with friends and with kin,

Celebrate Lag B’Omer, with a wide, joyful grin.

For in times of darkness, when hope seems to wane,

The light of our sages, will forever remain.

As the bonfires burn and laughter fills the air,

The children gather ’round, a memory to share.

With hearts full of gratitude, they sing and they prance,

Celebrating the legacy of Lag B’Omer’s chance.

For as we remember the stories of old,

Our connection to the past becomes strong and bold.

We honor the sages, their wisdom and grace,

And treasure the lessons that time can’t erase.

So let us rejoice, and together we’ll stand,

As we cherish the teachings from our sacred land.

On this day of happiness, let us unite,

With love and respect, in Lag B’Omer’s light.

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