During our prayers, when we reach that point of standing face to face, as it were, with our Creator what do most have in mind? The short answer is their needs.

We can couch our prayers and supplications so that they sound noble but ultimately, we have our hand out. As we should, of course, because we are completely dependent on HIS mercy and kindness.

However, why would our petition deserve answering, are we deserving. I think most will agree we are not. Because we will be better in the future. hmmm… The traditional answer is because HE is benevolent and altruistic and wants only good for us.

Whist this answer is true and resonates, after all, nothing else makes sense. It leaves us with an empty feeling. Somehow unable to contribute in any meaningful way to our good because everything we do seems inconsequential in the larger scheme of things and even worse it feels transactional. If we do what is right and good we will be rewarded…

So here is a thought that has been percolating in my mind, maybe we should be thinking about and meditating on HIS pain and praying for HIS pain to be removed. 

You will say HE is GOD what pain are you talking about. The answer is simple, we are HIS pain. Every time we think, speak or act in contradiction to a moral life we increase HIS pain.

If you reflect on this, I hope you will agree that HIS pain is all that really matters and its rectification instantly answers all our prayers in any event. So why waste time by repeating the countless versions of the same petition HE has heard throughout the generations and get to the root of all our needs, Tikkun Olam or in the immortal words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks “To heal our fractured world”.

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