A sound bite is an interesting concept, readily used by broadcasting types to describe a snapshot of content with the highlights or poignant fact.

This is obviously not a modern concept.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens had a very similar concept “a minimum of sound to a maximum of sense” which he published at the beginning of last century.

It seems strange and unnatural, that life is at times lived in sound bites.

The romantic in us wants to think that they are living (in reality this is only what we aspire to), what we are really doing is plodding along hoping for the highlights and dreading the inevitable lows.

Many years from now, we won’t necessarily remember a gorgeous sunrise or the morning greeting of a loved one. We won’t remember the day we spurned a lover and the look in their eyes.

We may remember an instant of our child’s birth or their first conscious kiss, but mainly these details escape us daily.

We struggle to remember, citing as irrelevant, the constant varying events of our lives which cumulatively form us as we travel, the mundane, the obscure and the truly hard.

These formative experiences do not make it past the cutting floor, they are faded out into oblivion.

So when we review the slide show of our lives we see selective sound bites which often distort the truth into a fanciful HD presentation of the person we would like others to have known. #markbaranov

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