The tragedy is that Israel is not abiding by its own moral, cultural and religious obligations. It is a national obligation to protect its citizens from harm. If elements are identified within or without which impede on the security of its citizens, then it MUST intervene and resolve the threat.
If a foreign nation attacks, then the solution is clearly defined because the threat is contained and can be directly targeted, however if the threat is from within, this creates a complicated path to traverse.  Nevertheless, traverse it, it must.
The elements need to be identified, contained and removed. This must be an emotionless surgical operation, which is not predicated by world opinions and should not await an improbable, global approval.
The inevitable uproar will be immense and potentially painful, both to the status of Israel as highly democratic society and possibly financially, due to increased boycotts and sanctions. This represents the short term pain, which will ultimately create a society where the citizens are secure, protected and cherished. This in turn will reap a far greater return, than the short term pain and ensure that its citizens are living in the land of milk and honey, which adheres to GODs obligations of social justice.
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