Submission as a word has been perverted, to mean a form of humiliation. Depicting one as being at the mercy of another and conjuring images of wrestlers or people garbed in shiny leather.

To submit is to acknowledge that;

  • You lack the superiority and power and are beholden.
  • You have no independent will and that your destiny is not in your own hands.
  • Your life’s work is to strive, believing in its success with no guarantee of it.

All these realizations sound depressing at first, however, when you dive in and understand what is at stake you come to realize that a genuine submission is euphoric and liberating.

It’s the realization that a fence is not built to cage you in but rather to give you the confidence to strive, knowing that you have a safety net in place.

We should never be afraid to submit to the ONE who gives us everything and asks for a pittance in return.

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