A promise to love is on the surface a fallacy, a pun, an impossible claim and its utterance is only dwarfed by the simplicity of the individual believing it.

It makes no rational sense to say it or believe the person who is saying it. After all, it is based on the known of today and not the unknown of tomorrow.

Yet we make this promise and our intended believe us readily, where is the sobriety here.

The objective truth is, thank GOD, there is no sobriety present at this exchange.

GOD provides each party with the required, lack of reason, to facilitate marriage. Without which, far fewer people would find themselves married to people whom they can’t recognise and whom rationally they would have never selected.

To the unsuspecting, one could say that a cosmic joke is being played out and we are pawns, marching to a drum roll purpose-built, for our subjugation.

This same unsuspecting person is one who has not had the good fortune to meet his Woman of Valour and this revelling in his own deductive brilliance is simply an admission of not being whole, there is a piece missing, an emptiness that no intellectual observation can fill.

This Woman of Valour who turns conventional wisdom on its head, who smashes through the moral decay of this world and nurtures a pure soul, not just hidden deep within, but worn on the outside for the world to bask in its radiance.

A partner in building a home filled with joy, whilst raising children who never need to crave attention. With a dedication to becoming better people in many ways and to nurture the family to have a more meaningful relationship with GOD.

Perhaps its time to stop hiding behind your plate armour of logic and become whole, experience joy and build your legacy by finding your Woman of Valour.

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