Deceit is a leprous and crippling aboration which squeezes and drains the life of all the parties.

The deceivers are in constant state of anxiety and denial, whilst the recipients experience a quickening as they no longer connect to their partners and feel in constant turmoil with no safe harbor in sight.

This is all experienced during the deceit, but what happens when the deceit is laid out bare for the world to see. When the falsehood and the lies are exposed.

Every word, action and expression from the past becomes suspect. There is no room for doubt or the benefit of it.

The recipient is forced to relive the time previously wasted to ascertain how far back the deceit extends.

The heart shuts down and opens the door to rage. Rage eventually subsides and ushers in the animosity. HATE

Hate, is absorbed by the now calcified heart for years to come. It will process and eventually be expelled making room for forgiveness, but not before the bloody war which is destined to be brought down upon the deceivers.

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