Walking on the footpath and feeling your steps being swallowed by the gooey, rubbery surface, is reminiscent of days of anxiety and impotence of old. Those days where you awake not knowing whom you would have to be, to make it through and feeling want of the energy and desire to do it.

The only reason or motivation, were the eyes. Those eyes that could not speak, even if they could, they wouldn’t ask and yet the obligation with, even desire was there to sate those eyes and protect that, which was not yours to.

In life we must struggle, that is our lot and has been from time man decided that wisdom was his to be had. We know this and yet we constantly wonder why is it so hard.
Why we cant just sip the joys that life has to offer and savour the pleasantness of guilt free time, when it’s not being balanced against other pressing and acute dilemmas in our lives.

We see and read about some lucky few, who engage in what we, sincerely believe, is that kind of freedom. Some even envy them, God forbid. If we accept that man’s lot is to suffer, as we must, then their apparent freedom is yet another guise of either self or mass deception.

That in itself, is of little help in making them feel better. The masses enjoy pulling down those that have dared to venture into the light, as allusive as it is. They take an irrational stance, such that, because those tall poppies were shorn so their meagre, secure lot is of substance, pure even. They climb upon the moral perch and bleat that their , ‘honest’ and simple undertakings stand the test of time escaping moral and ethical intrigue. The poor misguided fools.

Their core is rotten and the foundation of any enterprise they aspire to, will ultimately leave them feeling hollow, empty and devoid of success or fulfilment. Their momentary pleasure in seeing or worse still, participating in the demise of another being is soon replaced with the green bile of their jealousy which slithers into their perfect lives and chokes the breath of life from them.

We are all Gods creatures and as such deserve His patience, because we regularly fail, but, we also deserve each others. Its difficult to be magnanimous, generous of spirit and of time. It takes effort with usually little to show for it. On the other hand, a harsh word issued from a forked tongue which darts quickly from the mouth gives an instantaneous result. That feeling of self importance, of superiority and even of godliness. Stop fools, how dare you to pass judgement on a peer or even a stranger.

At a point in ancient history, most of us have heard or read the maxims of life; ‘Don’t judge lest you be judged’ , ‘the tongue is mightier than the sword’ , ‘hold thy tongue and embrace wisdom’ and many more. We even randomly remember these sparks of prior teachings, the problem is that, we don’t allow them in. We don’t embrace the words, allowing them to wash through and out as we walk upon this gooey, rubbery surface whilst wondering why is it so hard…

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