A photograph showcasing a long, narrow corridor with worn-out wallpaper. Celestial light streams through a window, illuminating dust particles in the air and providing a stark contrast to the somber setting. The image, taken with a wide-angle lens, captures the length of the corridor and the impactful radiant light, evoking feelings of solitude and quiet reflection.

This photograph depicts a long, narrow corridor with walls adorned by worn-out wallpaper. A window, the only break in the monotony of the corridor, serves as a conduit for a celestial light that streams in, filling the space with a soft, ethereal glow. The light illuminates floating dust particles, making them appear as tiny stars in a cosmos confined within the corridor’s boundaries. The use of a wide-angle lens accentuates the corridor’s length and the striking contrast between the somber setting and the radiant light. The scene elicits feelings of solitude, quiet reflection, and a sense of tranquility that comes from finding beauty in the most unexpected places.

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Mark Baranov

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